Choose a
Focus on a
central theme
Determine your objective Develop your rationale Add supportive resources Evaluate your speech
The first step in preparing a speech is to list potential topics and choose a single Subject. This is the beginning of the focusing process. Narrow the focus by choosing a single aspect of your subject as the Central Theme. This will allow you to focus your presentation to a manageable amount of information. The Objective is a sentence that embodies the heart of your talk, what you want to accomplish with your presentation. It contains a proposition, an interrogative response, and a key word. The Rationale establish a solid, logical framework upon which the credibility of your objective will rest. Without fail, the rationale should lead the listener to the objective. Supportive Resources bring light, color and clarity to the truth. Whether it's a quote, story, video or other illustration, resources make the audience want to listen. A presentation isn't complete until every aspect of the speech has undergone sufficient Evaluation. This ensures your presentation is focused, clear and engages the audience's attention.